Sunday, 16 July 2017

Steps To Self Care

"If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete."
-Jack Kornfield

I. Drink lots of water; hydration is important. 
Water is said to have many benefits, apart from the obvious. It's also supposed to combat fatigue and improve skin.

II. Less time on digital platforms, more time reading. 
It is so tempting to have a quick check of social media before turning the lights off for sleep. Though, this Summer I am going to swap social media and television for a book more often. 

III. Listen to music that makes your soul happy. 
Music is what keeps me going; in fact I am listening to it writing this. If you're after a playlist to help you relax and rewind, I recommend the artists Tom Rosenthal, Ben Howard and Jack Johnson. 

IV. Have a shower. 
Sometimes you have to physically wash grogginess and negative thoughts down the drain. The sensation of freshly washed hair and new clothes will undoubtedly help you in feeling a little more positive. 

V. Recognise your achievements as you would others; they are just as important. 
Sometimes, we don't give ourselves enough credit. Achieved something you didn't think you would? Go out for a meal or buy that dress you've had your eye on! You absolutely deserve it. 

VI. Go for a walk. 
Throughout the exam period, I frequently went for walks in the local forestry. Sometimes the confines of your house can become too much; the feeling of being in the open hugely encourages a positive mindset. 

VII. Re-watch a favourite childhood film. 
Allow yourself to be wrapped up in nostalgia, sometimes we need to forget we're growing up!

VIII. Live in a tidy space. 
At the end of every school year, I declutter my room. Everything gets sifted through and either put in the bin or tidied. Sitting in a spotless, organised room is much more pleasant than one with clothes strewn on the carpet. Trust me, I should definitely know... 

IX. Treat yourself!
Eat that bar of chocolate you've been stopping yourself eating and run yourself a bath with bubbles! Sometimes, we have to treat ourselves and forget about calories or time. 


  1. Nice ideas :) Definitely agree to #3. Music is really something when you're happy or not. Have a lovely day!

    Homed: Life in Sugar & Spice

    1. Thank you Fiona, I agree, you too!

      ~Lauren x

  2. These insights, although small, are so profound. They help us go through life in a positive, invigorating way.
    And yes, I know Jack Kornfield. He writes about Buddhist philosophy, which I avidly study.
    I hope you're having a wonderful summer. You're a fantastic writer; how is your writing life doing?

    1. Thank you! I don't know much about Kornfield, I just found that particular quote inspiring; I will have to do some research.
      In fact, I've just started a new piece of writing which I'm excited about. I think I'll make it a Summer project. What about you?

      ~Lauren x

    2. I'm compiling a collection of poetry to self-publish, from when I was 12 and 13 years old.
      What's your new piece of writing about?

      Nadine <3


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