Thursday, 13 April 2017

We Need You To Make A Pledge

We would like you to read this and make a pledge at the end. Thank you. 

Earlier on this year both myself and Kate, a friend who also studies History with me, were lucky enough to be part of an amazing project - The Holocaust Educational Trust. 

The Trust educates people on this unimaginable event in our history, in a way that nobody else has ever attempted to do so in our own experience. 

One message really struck home with us - the re-humanisation of the event. In school, we are taught that the perpetrators involved were simply monsters, and the victims involved were simply a statistic. 


That is not the case. And nor should it be treated so. This indescribable act involved humans, and humans alone. There were no monsters with green tongues and bulging eyes; there were men, women, children, uncles, grandparents and siblings - all involved in the mass genocide we know today as the Holocaust. 

It is difficult to fathom this - we know. That every one of those millions of people who perished in the hands of Auschwitz, and across the world, were human. They all had lives, dreams, ambitions and people they held close. They were just like us. 

It is even more difficult to fathom that the perpetrators were human - we know this more than ever after visiting Auschwitz I, where a villa stands directly opposite the camp. Why was it constructed there? So one of the leading perpetrators could have his wife and family close to him. 

How do we comprehend this? 
How is a man who is responsible for the murder of millions a 'family man'? 

We need to stop providing memorial for a statistic, and start offering our respects to individuals instead. We need to re-humanise the people involved, before it is too late. 

We, as people of the modern world, also need to ensure that this does not happen again. There is a famous quote by Georg Hegel that states "We learn from history that we do not learn from history." 

We need to dispel this, and ensure that nothing of the sort happens again. 

We would both appreciate it if you would make a pledge in the comments, either stating the following or composing your own. 

"I pledge to re-humanise the Holocaust, remembering that both the perpetrators and victims were human, just like us. I pledge to educate my peers on the topic, and to play my part to ensure nothing of the sort occurs again."

If you would like any more information on this topic and what we learnt through this amazing organisation, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you.


  1. Replies
    1. I'm glad you enjoyed reading Nabila - we'd really appreciate it if you'd be so kind to make a pledge as written in the post above.

      ~Lauren x

  2. I pledge to re-humanise the Holocaust, remembering that both the perpetrators and victims were human, just like us. I pledge to educate my peers on the topic, and to play my part to ensure nothing of the sort occurs again.

    Lauren, I deeply agree with your statement. In fact, I've been contemplating war a lot lately. Being spiritual as I am, it horrifies me how people lose respect for human life and engage in acts of violence. Everyone has human dignity and the right to life is the most basic human right. It can never be violated. Everyone, no matter how atrocious they seem, is human and has moral good in them. We are not robots; we are made by natural causes and in this way we are sacred fragments of the universe that can never be demolished by egoistic forces.

    I stress over what our society is teaching us. It is demoralising how society values violence instead of love. Around me, people take war lightly, make jokes about it, and even rejoice in the country's victories. But what needs to be taught in society and school is the value of love. The value of love, of healing, of nature. That is what all living things are made of-of the forces of cosmic nature. We are bond together by love and the healing of physical and psychological wounds is what provokes our species to thrive.

    More people need to awaken to these truths. I've been wallowing in them lately and have been depressed because of my stress over them. When I saw your post, I instantly felt loved and not so alone because you are aware of the things I am aware of.

    Let us join in this mission to end violence and spread love to all living things. Your organisation is a great place to start.


    1. Thank you for making the pledge, Nadine!

      I absolutely agree with your words and find them very heartfelt and touching - in some cases the value of love has been forgotten though it is important to remember, when watching horrific stories on the news or coming into contact with the horrific behaviour of some that there is still a lot, or even just as much good in the world. Sometimes it's just more difficult to find.

      I am so glad this made you feel less alone in your feelings, I can assure you that many more feel the same.

      Thank you for your lovely comment!

      ~Lauren x

  3. Something of this sort is already happening. While it's good to rehumanize the Holocaust and to make it aware that this kind of thing was by humans like us, not monsters, it's also important to spread awareness about what is currently already happening in the world, like the chemical attacks in Syria. It's one thing to condemn the past and hope it doesn't happen in the future. It's another to disregard the present and all the violence that is already happening.
    It's good that you're taking a step towards it.

    1. Current relevance was another topic focused on in the project; it was just not the topic we decided to focus our attentions on. I absolutely agree that awareness needs to be spread about what is happening in the World - living in a Western society allows people to block out the rest of the world and live in their own bubble.

      However, understanding how the Holocaust happened and the repercussions of such an unimaginable event allows people to relate more to the horrific events in the modern world. I think these things have to be approached one step at a time, and this organisation allows people to do just that. With the knowledge provided and gained on the topic of the past, people are driven to ensure that they do not disregard the current and future events of the world around them, as that is what allowed the horrific events in our history.

      Thank you for commenting Kanra!

      ~Lauren x

  4. I loved this post! I've just found you blog and I'm so glad I did. I love to see bloggers talking about important topics. Although I really enjoy makeup and fashion blogs, I sometimes feel like people don't use they platform to talk about things that matter because they're scared of controversy. Thanks for bringing light to this topics and cause that are close to you.

    1. Hiya! Aw, I'm so glad you think so; you're more than welcome. I am exactly the same, I enjoy both writing and reading light-hearted posts but also feel like we should use our audience to bring light to more controversial matters every once in a while.

      Thank you for commenting and following my blog, Michele!

      ~Lauren x

  5. Hi dear, I'm following your nice blog. Can you follow mine? Thanks😊

    1. Hello Raffaela, I will certainly have a look at your blog; thank you for following!

      ~Lauren x


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