Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How To Escape

I am sure you are well aware of one of the simple facts of life - it can be stressful. Sometimes, very stressful.
I am lucky to have finished my exams and am trying to enjoy a summer which is as relaxing as possible. However, sometimes the little things get us down and we need a way of escaping the daily chaos of life.

Need a break? Try one of these...

Have a bath
Sometimes all you need is to immerse yourself in hot water and listen to the pop of bath bubbles. If you want to escape pondering over what's on your mind, try watching a favourite film or television program. Just make sure it's a safe distance away from the water!

Read at least one chapter of a fictional book 
I find reading is a truly successful way of escaping thoughts. Pick up a good book and dive into a world which is not this one.

Tidy something
If this seems like the last thing you would want to do in times of stress, skip it! However, I find that organising books or my wardrobe can provide a much needed sense of relief and accomplishment in times of worry.

Go for a walk 
When you're cooped up indoors, you're cooped up in your feelings. Go outside, perhaps take a camera and appreciate the world around you. It'll make a refreshing difference from your bedroom walls, trust me!

Listen to some relaxing music/sound (with headphones to achieve full effect)
ASMR** - (This is created by one of my favourite youtubers, I recommend having a rummage around her channel!)

Have a "no internet" rule for a decided amount of time. 
The internet is such a massive part of our lives these days, that sometimes it's best to step back and experience the life our older relatives led at our age!

Have a cup of your favourite-hot-something
This doesn't need much explanation. My favourite is tea - strong with no sugar please!

Do something completely irrelevant to what's on your mind
Some ideas could be to paint your nails, write a story/poem, learn a new song on an instrument (if you play one) draw, paint, play a game on your phone, bake a cake etc...

Brush your hair
The continuous sensation of brushing your hair can cause the muscles in your body to relax, therefore causing your mind to do the same.

Lastly, if escaping your feelings/stress does not seem to work, try writing them down to be rid of them.
Write them down in scrawly paragraphs, neat bullet points or sharp sentences. However you feel most comfortable, writing can be a good method to achieve relief from strong senses of emotion.

** ASMR is Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. It is basically supposed to achieve the sensation some people get when their hair is stroked, kind of a fuzzy and warm feeling. Although it doesn't do this for me personally, it certainly relaxes me - I only like certain ones though, similar to the one shared above. The ones I enjoy are basically audio books!


  1. Need this today - thanks Lauren! And thank you for commenting on my blog! <3

    1. No problem at all, I hope these help! <3

      ~Lauren x

  2. Awesome tips. I'll definitely try the hair brushing thing! Didn't realize it could have benefits like that :D
    Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Neither did I - I did some research for this post and was pleasantly surprised!
      No problem at all, I hope some of these tips come in handy. :)

      ~Lauren x

  3. brushing your hair - I've never even thought of that. I would add 'doing something that you've enjoyed doing before' because I think certain things brighten people's mood without them knowing.

    have a lovely day.

    1. I hadn't either! That's a great one; I think that everyone should always do what they enjoy, even in times when they're not stressed or anxious.
      Thank you so much, you too Lissa.

      ~Lauren x

  4. These are fabulous tips- some of which I'd never even thought of before! I'll have to try some of these for sure! :)

    1. Thank you Grace, let me know if you find any of them useful! :)

      ~Lauren x

  5. I love these! Such a great idea Lauren :)

  6. ...or you could dream about Seventh-Heaven HintHint Just imagine what wonderful, panacia paranoia is Upstairs where you'll never have to do anything for the length and breadth of eternity if you dont wanna. How do you wiseabove? Easy...

    trustNjesus, dear.
    Meet me Upstairs.
    Let's getta Big-Ol beer...
    gotta lotta tok bout
    celebrating our eternal resurrection.

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